Permacolour Colour Wash is a coloured acrylic compound used mainly on horizontal
concrete and masonry surfaces to add a highlighted transparent colour to the finished
For example
• Concrete floors, coloured or ground
• Imprinted concrete where clear liquid release was used or coloured Liquid Release
was washed out
• Imprinted concrete where powdered release was not strong enough
• Exposed aggregate
• Permacolour overlay finishes


2lt, 5lt concentrate



Before applying Permacolour Colour Wash, all hard trowelled concrete surface must be acid


Mix 1 part of colour wash to 38 parts of water (250 mls to 19 litres of water). This is a guide

only, you can add more or less depending on the depth of colour required, but we

recommend starting with a smaller amount and add as required.

Dampen down area to the stage where it is just about to puddle.

Pour colour wash on the concrete surface using a watering can or bucket.

Use a squeegee to spread the colour wash over the area. It is best to do a small test area

first to make sure you have the colour at the required strength and adjusting it accordingly

before applying to a large area.

Once completely dry the surface can be coated with the appropriate Permacolour Concrete



Technical Data Sheet

Colour Wash