Concrete Sealer Extra


Permacolour Concrete Sealer is a blend of modified acrylic polymers and organic solvent. It is formulated to exhibit a high degree of resistance to U.V. sunlight. Permacolour Concrete Sealer has a moderate gloss clear finish.



Colour Enhancement



Packaging: 2lt,5lt,10lt,20lt,200lt


Surface must be structurally sound, dry, and free of oil, grease, curing agents, dirt, dust or other foreign matter. Surface must be opened up or porous. This product is designed for use over untreated concrete surfaces free from wax, dusting preventive sealers, deep penetrating sealers, bond breaking compounds and release agents and other similar chemicals that will interfere with proper adhesion and lead to premature coating failures.

Surface Preparation
Exterior concrete that does not have a damp proof membrane underneath should be a minimum of 7 days old in summer months or 14 days old during the winter months. Concrete that has a membrane underneath and is external should be at least 24 days old before sealing. Hard trowelled concrete that is exposed to the weather should not be sealed as even with anti-slip, could be slippery when wet. The surface should be cleaned of dirt, oil, grease and all other foreign material using Permacolour Concrete Cleaner. With new unsealed concrete, acid etched (refer to Acid Wash guide), flush with water and allow to dry completely. Drying may take up to 24 hours or more, depending on weather conditions. A good way to test to see if the concrete is dry enough is to lay a 500mm x 500mm plastic sheet on the concrete and place a bucket or 4litre paint can on top and leave for 15 minutes. Then remove the bucket or can and if there are signs of condensation underneath, then the concrete is too damp for sealing.

DO NOT apply over mildew. 
DO NOT thin with anything other than Permacolour Concrete Sealer Thinners.
DO NOT apply to surfaces when ambient or surface temperatures are below 5°C.
IDEALLY concrete should be 14 days old prior to sealing.
DO NOT apply on hot windy days as this may cause bubbling of the sealer.
DO NOT apply to any surface if moisture is present.
DO NOT apply externally if rain is likely within 8 hours of application.

Product Information

Smooth: Approximately 5-6m² / litre / coat.

Exposed: Approximately 4-5m² / litre / coat.

Recommended Coats: 2

Application Temperature: 10 - 28°C

Application Method: Broom, Roller, Brush or Spray

Thinning: Permacolour Concrete Sealer Thinners 5-10% for the first coat

Dry Time:  30 minutes—2 Hours (touch dry)

Cure time: 24 - 48 hours, full cure at 7 days.

Recoat time: Minimum 2 hours

Finish:  Gloss (for lower sheen finish add Permacolour Matting Agent to Concrete Sealer final coat)


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