Dairy Shed Overlay (Dairy Fix)


Permacolour Dairy Fix is a fine, fast setting, high strength , trowel-able cement based plaster coating. Permacolour Dairy Fix has been especially developed for repairing and resurfacing damaged concrete surfaces


20kg paper bags


Permacolour Dairy Fix has been especially developed for repairing and resurfacing damaged concrete surfaces in dairy sheds and performs optimally at temperatures between 5 degrees and 28 degrees.
Other Uses:
 Rain damaged floors
 Patch repairs to concrete
 Flushing Blocks
 Skimming foundation bases

Apply Permacolour Dairy Fix to cement surfaces, by steel trowel all in accordance with the manufacturers technical specifications.

Surface preparation
 The concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned with Permacolour Concentrated Concrete Cleaner, diluted 1 volume cleaner with 20 volumes of water.
 Pre-dampen the surface prior to applying the cleaning mixture which must be scrubbed into the surface using a hard broom.
 Use a water blaster to remove the cleaner together with any loose material from the concrete surface.
 Allow to dry and then prime the surface using a solution of 1 part Permacolour Activator and 1 part water. Application of the activator solution is best by spray method as it should be applied evenly, avoiding puddles on the surface.

 Mix Permacolour Activator with water at the rate of 1 part activator and 1 part water.
 Add 4 litres of the diluted activator to a 20 litre plastic bucket. Then slowly add 20kg of the Permacolour Dairy Fix powder, whilst stirring with a drill mixer for 3 minutes.
 Allow to stand for 5 minutes and then remix. Add additional diluted activator to the mix until a thick creamy mixture is achieved.
Weather Do not apply to exterior surfaces if rain is expected or if temperature is below 5 degrees.

 Ensure that the primed Activator surface remains dry prior to applying the Dairy Fix mixture.
 Badly damaged areas/ holes exceeding 10mm should be filled first and allowed time to dry before applying the final surface coat.
 Extremely porous surfaces may require the application of a slurry coat comprising a mix of Dairy Fix powder and diluted Activator, brought to a pourable/ soup like consistency . Apply with a soft broom and allow to dry before applying the final Dairy Fix coat.
 Apply the mixed Activator and Dairy Fix to the surface of the concrete using a steel trowel and re-trowel until the plaster firms up, creating a reasonably smooth surface.
 It is advisable in wet areas to broom or texture roll the surface to provide a non-slip finish.

 After 36 hours following the application apply Permacolour KS500, which will harden and densify the concrete. This penetrating agent will minimise the damage caused by harsh cleaning agents and other chemicals used in cow shed environments. Apply liberally by brush or spray until a saturated state is achieved .

 After 24 hours apply Permacolour Repel SS by broom or spray. This penetrating sealer reduces the absorption of moisture and dirt and significantly reduces cleaning time.


Permacolour Dairy Fix is extremely fast setting in cool conditions, however setting will be retarded at lower temperatures. Avoid movement of heavy machinery. Access to completed work areas as follows:
 Pedestrian Traffic after 4-5 hours at 12 degrees.
 Stock traffic after 7 days.
 Heavy Machinery after 3 weeks.

Dairy Fix: 5-6m² per 20kg bag at 3-4mm thick.

KS500: 5m² per litre  

Repel SS: 5 m² per litre 



Some of the Tools Required.