Decorative Overlay


Permacolour Overlay is part one of a two part component using a special blend of silica sands, cements and special additives.  Permacolour Activator is part two of the Overlay system and consists of specially developed top of the range polymer resins. Combined with part one, this product is applied over existing concrete and masonry surfaces to create beautification, architectural accenting, surface protections or alternatives to tile or any other heavy duty indoor outdoor surfaces. Permacolour Overlay is extremely durable, flexible and has a high tensile strength giving it resistance from delamination due to hydrostatic pressure.

Permacolour Overlay System is economical because it provides long term, durable renovation without the need for costly and continuous repairs normally associated with deteriorating surfaces.  It’s applied once, permanently and beautifully with a minimal amount of time lost, compared to traditional renovation projects. The Permacolour Overlay system is a permanent overlay and offers longer life, durability, reliability, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, and optional safety (non-slip) textures that are not only cost effective and time saving, but can also be aesthetically appealing.

Whether you are in the need of restoration, repair, resurfacing, beautification, architectural accenting, surface protection, or alternatives to tile or any other heavy duty indoor or outdoor flooring, we have the best options available.

Why Use Permacolour Decorative Overlay?

  • Well over twice the strength of normal concrete and still much stronger than most any other concrete coating products.
  • Highly resistant to; salt, chemicals, UV, freeze/thaw, delamination, hydrostatic pressure, oil, stains, mildew and much more depending on the chosen finish seal coat desired. 
  • When sprayed, Permacolour Overlay is excellent around pools as a decorative non-slip finish creating a safe environment for those using the pool.
  • Easy to maintain.  Usually water and mild detergents are all that is needed and since this system is seamless, there are no grout lines to stain.
  • Cost effective. Since it provides a permanent surface, not one that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Ability to apply from the thinness of a grain of sand up to several inches thick with extreme durability.
  • Heavy duty but affordable alternatives to conventional indoor flooring such as; tile, vinyl, granite, wood flooring, terrazzo, marble, etc.
  • Less than the cost to replace existing concrete, but with many added benefits.
  • Unlimited colours, designs, textures, etc. Or the look of normal concrete if desired.
  • The best, most durable, versatile, reliable & affordable systems available.
  • Indoors/outdoor
  • Tile designs, the look of cut stone, slate or tile for extremely durable yet easy to clean alternative to conventional ceramic tile, vinyl, etc.  Much stronger, easier to maintain and more affordable.

Where can Permacolour Overlay be used?

  • Underlayment for tile, vinyl, carpet, etc.
  • Commercial or industrial flooring.  For heavy-duty protection and beatification.
  • Hygienic flooring for food processing areas.
  • Pool and spa areas, residential and commercial (hotel etc).
  • Car garages
  • Outdoors
  • Driveways
  • Roofs
  • Curbs
  • Pool and Spa areas Masonry walls
  • Patios
  • Patching
  • Walkways
  • Tennis courts
  • Recreational areas
  • Resurfacing

Selected colours come in 20kg pre mixed bags.

16 Designer colours available in 600g poddles - to be mixed with 1 x 20kg Overlay white base.


Permacolour Overay can transform plain looking concrete both Internally and externally, with beautiful colour, design and texture.

Apply Permacolour Decorative Overlay system to the desired finish, compliant with all surface preparation procedures and all in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

Typical Applications
• Underlayment for tile, vinyl, carpet etc.
• Commercial industrial flooring for heavy duty protection and aesthetic value.
• Hygienic flooring for food processing areas.
• Pool and spa surrounds in residential and commercial environments.
• Driveways, curbs and garages.
• Walkways and patios.
• General patching and resurfacing.
• Tennis court and other recreational areas.

Surface Preparation
• Chase all cracks with a crack chasing diamond blade and all high areas with a cup grinder to remove all previous surface coatings or spillage. This creates a good base for Permacolour Overlay to bond.
• Vacuum up all dust and pressure clean all chased cracks .
• Fill all cracks with Permacolour approved epoxy
• Prime all surfaces with Pemacolour Activator di-luted 50/50 with water and allow to dry before application of Overlay.

Do not apply to exteriors if rain is expected. Primed areas should not be rained on or left in the sun for more than 2 days. In this event, surfaces would require re-priming.

Permacolour Overlay can be applied to achieve various finishes. Regardless of the desired finish, apply a base coat to the primed surface in the desired colour. Applying the base coat material first ensures proper adhesion. Mix as shown above and allow to dry before proceeding.

External Floors:
2 coats Permacolour Concrete Sealer Extra, high solids sealer. The second coat of sealer can be applied when the first coat is dry. Application by solvent roller or soft broom.

Interior Floors:
2 coats Permacolour Concrete Sealer Extra, high solids sealer.

Decorative Overlay
• Slate Finish 6-8m² per 20kg bag.
• Spray Finish 8-14m² per 20kg bag.
• Tile Finish 12-18m² per 20kg .



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