Permacolour Endura-seal + is an extra hard wearing high gloss sealer for all coloured, imprinted and ground concrete. Used as a highly wearable colour enhancer & protection coating over decorative and other concrete surfaces it is excellent for protection from fuel, oil, mold, and fungi.
Endura-seal + has a moderate gloss clear finish for use on external and internal surfaces.

Permacolour Endura-seal + may be used in a limited capacity on vertical surfaces when applied in thin coats. Heavy application on vertical surfaces may lead to dripping and streaking. Primary design applications are horizontal surfaces. Do not over apply.




Colour Enhancement


2lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt, 200lt



If resealing the surface should be cleaned of dirt, oil, grease and all other foreign material.

Apply sealer uniformly with roller, brush or spray equipment. Avoid puddles of thick coats of sealer. Dry time will depend on ambient temperatures and can vary from 30mins to 2hrs. Over application may cause slipperiness when wet. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. In the heat of the summer thin 5 to 10% to ease application. Allow 12 hours drying time prior to pedestrian traffic (24 hrs for best results) minimum 48 hours drying time prior to vehicle traffic. Sealer takes up to seven days to reach full strength. Overlay should be 12 to 24 hours old prior to sealing.

Note Use a Permacolour Non-Slip Material to produce non slip finishes. See test sheets for slip resistant results.


Permacolour Endura-seal + is a blend of modified acrylic polymers and organic solvent. It is formulated to exhibit a high degree of resistance to U.V. sunlight. Permacolour Endura-seal + may be coloured by adding a Permacolour Booster at a dosage rate of one litre per 20litre of Permacolour Sealer.


Use mild detergent or degreaser. For acid washing, dilute solution (1 part acid to 20 parts water) should be used. Clean stains immediately. Avoid cleaning the surface with solvents.



Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. This is a combustible product. Keep away from heat or flame. Vapour harmful. Use with adequate ventilation.



Appearance/Colour: Clear Colourless viscous liquid

Boiling Point: (°C) 135-145

Vapour Pressure: (mm of Hg at 38C) 48 (Xylene)

Per Cent Volatiles: 25 - 26%

Specific Gravity: (at 25°) 0.98

Solubility in Water: (g/l at 25°C) Immiscible

Flammability and Explosive Properties

Flash Point: Closed cup (°C) 26

Flammability Units % by Volume: 1.0 - 7.0

Fire Extinguishing: Media foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, Halon 1221 (BCF)

Packaging: 5, 10, 20 & 200ltr drums

Shelf Life: Five years. Store in a cool dry place away from source of ignition.

Coverage: 5-6 squares per litre.



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