Water Repellent Sealer


Clean concrete faster and more easily with Permacolour Repel SS. This unique impregnating sealer technology with engineered molecules penetrates much deeper and bonds permanently inside the sealed material.

 Protect against water and oil-based staining.
 Decreases to penetration and the staining effects of cow waste.

Suitable for use in the construction of new cow sheds. May also be applied to existing surfaces.
Permacolour Repel SS is a low viscosity silane-siloxane system. It penetrates deeply into porous substrates, producing a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores and increase/improvement to the density of concrete. This treatment significantly reduces the absorption of water, animal excrement, water-borne salts, oil, gas, grease, concrete dusting and other fluids. Application of Permacolour Repel SS protects concrete surfaces.

 Decreases impregnation and staining of cow waste making cleaning easier and quicker
 Reduces water and chloride intrusion
 Deep penetration into substrates
 Non staining
 Allows concrete to breathe



2lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt & 200lt 



Water blasting should be used for the removal of moss or algal growth. Rinse off with liberal quantities of clean water and allow to dry.

Protect plants, grass, asphalt, bitumen, plastics, and all painted surfaces during preparation and application.



DO NOT allow Permacolour Repel SS to be contaminated with water. Permacolour Repel SS should be applied in two flood coats by low-pressure spray direct from the can and without thinning. Ensure that at least the application rates are achieved (see coverage). On absorbent surfaces, repeat or increase the rate of the application until the surface is completely saturated.

Allow a minimum of 2 hours between coats.

Life Span

This will depend on the density, cement content and finish of the concrete surface the Repel SS is applied to. Majority of the sealant will permanently stay in the concrete where on the surface it will weather off over time or wear on trafficable surfaces.

On vertical pre-cast concrete surfaces, a maintenance coat should be done after 7-10 years and horizontal trafficable areas 3-5 years.



Equipment should be cleaned with solvent immediately after use. Any spillages should be absorbed with sand or sawdust etc and disposed of in accordance with local regulations.


Some of the Tools Required.