Micro Colour



Permacolour Micro Colour is a thin cement based trowel applied decorative plaster that creates a smooth, coloured mottled finish for interior wall surfaces only and can be applied to masonry or previously painted surfaces.

Permacolour Micro Colour is designed to provide a durable, attractive wall covering for new and existing surfaces. It is versatile, easy to apply, requires minimal maintenance and is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to paint, wall paper and other conventional finishes.


10kg Micro Colour White Base

16 Designer Colours in 300g liquid colour packs


This product is best applied at temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees. Do not apply under conditions where there is excessive air movement or draught.

Suitable Surfaces
 For internal use only.
 Good, clean concrete, masonry and fibrous cement surfaces.
 Primed or painted Gib board.

Surface preparation
All surfaces should be firm, clean and free from loose adhering particles, and any contaminants that may impair adhesion.
Mixing Whilst stirring at a slow speed with an electrical mixer, slowly add 10kg of Micro Colour powder to 4.6 litres of clean water and continue mixing until a smooth lump free consistency has been achieved. Allow to stand for 4 minutes and remix for 1 minute.

If non-standard colours are being used, add 1 x 400 gram sachet of colour to the water first and mix thoroughly before adding 10kg of Permacolour Micro Colour powder.

Prime the surfaces with a solution of 1 part Permacolour Activator and 1 part water, by brush or roller. Two coats of primer may be required depending on the suction of the substrate.
Allow the primer to dry, then trowel down the mix quickly and evenly across the surface, removing most of the trowel marks. Allow the material to reach an initial set, then flick or spray a small amount of water and trowel smooth, removing all blemishes or trowel marks. The completed wall should be left overnight to dry and lightly sanded on the day following application using 150 grit paper.
Remove all dust from the sand papering process with water and a sponge. Ensure all dirty water is removed from the surface.

The dry, cured surface can be sealed using Permacolour Stone Sheen or Repell SS, dependent on the desired finish. Apply sealer as specified.


20m² per 10kg bag at 0.5mm thick.

Coverage depends largely on the experience of the contractor to trowel thin and evenly as well as the surface texture of the substrate.

Permacolour Micro Colour


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