Solvent Based Uraglaze


Permacolour Ureglaze is a unique, high-performance, two-component, finish coat urethane.
As a clear coating, it comes as a low sheen, semi gloss and gloss finish that is hard wearing and extremely durable. The sophisticated combination of aliphatic urethanes and urethane reactive acrylic resins gives a system unsurpassed for gloss and retention. This two pot urethane acrylic system can be recoated after 12 hours without the need to sand between coats. The first coat applied must be Ureglaze gloss which is thinned down 10 - 15 % to bind properly to the concrete surface.



Colour Enhancement


1lt, 4lt kit


Surface must be structurally sound, dry, and free of oil, grease, curing agents, dirt, dust or other foreign matter. Surface must be roughed up or porous. This product is designed for use over untreated concrete surfaces free from wax, dusting preventive sealers, deep penetrating sealers, bond breaking compounds and release agents and other similar chemicals that will interfere with proper adhesion and lead to premature coating failures.


Concrete surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of disintegrating chalky material or previously applied coatings to ensure satisfactory results. To increase adhesion, dense or machine trowelled concrete surfaces should be prepared mechanically by sanding or grinding or etched with a solution of one part muriatic acid and ten parts clean water. The surface profile should resemble 80 grit sandpaper to be suitable for coating. Neutralize the surface by applying a mixture of Permacolour Acid Neutralizer in water and rinse thoroughly. Clean all surfaces with Permacolour TSP Cleaner and rinse with clean water.


DO NOT paint over mildew. Mildew is a fungus, brown, black, gray or even white in colour, and will rapidly grow through any coating applied over it.

DO NOT thin with anything other than Ureglaze Thinner No 8.

DO NOT apply to any surface if moisture is present. DO NOT USE MIXED PRODUCT beyond the stated pot life for the given temperature. DO NOT apply to surfaces when ambient or surface temperature is below 10°C. Higher Temperatures and lower humidity will accelerate cure times and reduce working time. Ideally concrete should be 28 days old prior to sealing. DO NOT apply in high humidity. DO NOT apply externally if rain is likely within 8 hours of application Not recommended as a clear waterproofing system for concrete block and honed concrete block construction.


Technical Data Sheet

Ureglaze SB (SOLVENT)

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