Water Based Urethane



A premium high solids 2-component water base urethane provides the equal superior performance to Polyaspartic without any odour, health or environmental issues. Permacolour Waterbased Urethane (WBU) is VOC compliant in California. It gives hard, durable coatings that features good gloss, superior abrasion resistance and UV resistance. Permacolour WBU has been formulated to offer a high performance finish coat for seamless flooring, coating and architectural concrete applications where odour and heath concern are sensitive. Typical areas of application are clean rooms, hospitals, grocery stores, walkways, garage floor, parking structure, aircraft hangers and automotive repair facilities. Satin finish is available.


▪Unsurpassed Adhesion Easy clean-up Long pot life(3hours)

▪Excellent coverage-hide


1 Gallon Kit

4 Gallon Kit




Surface must be structurally sound, dry, and free of oil, grease, curing agents, dirt, dust or other foreign matter. Surface must be roughed up or porous. This product is designed for use over untreated concrete surfaces free from wax, dusting preventive sealers, deep penetrating sealers, bond breaking compounds and release agents and other similar chemicals that will interfere with proper adhesion and lead to premature coating failures.


Prepare surface by sanding, grinding, dry or wet sandblasting or shot blasting to achieve a clean, porous and uniform surface that will allow the product to penetrate the surface. Bead or shot blasting is the most reliable method of preparation. Clean surface entirely with TSP and rinse completely with water several times. Concrete surface can be acid etched and then must be neutralized and rinsed. Acid etching does not clean the surface.


DO NOT PAINT OVER MILDEW. Mildew is a fungus, brown, black, gray or even white in colour, and will rapidly grow through any coating applied over it. A solution of 50% household bleach and 50% water will kill the mildew. See precautions on bleach label for handling.


MIX 2 PARTS "A" WITH 1 PART "B" IN BATCHES NO LARGER THAN 1.5 GALLON AT A TIME EXCEPT AS NOTED ABOVE UNDER “SELF PRIMING REQUIREMENTS”. Top Coat: In a clean and dry bucket, mix 2 parts A and 1 part B together using an agitator, jiffy mixer or stir stick. Mix slowly for at least 2 minutes or until completely combined. Prepare only the amount you can use in 2 hours at 25°C. (Higher temperatures reduce work time). Do not leave the mixed epoxy in the bucket longer than 4 hours


Some of the Tools Required.