Permacolour Colourmix UV Stable is a blend of high quality, synthetic iron oxides packaged in water-soluble bags with an outer paper bag for protection. Considered the most economical and simplest method of adding colour to the concrete, at the batching plant or on site. Pigments used in Permacolour Colourmix meet both Euro-pean and American standards.

Typical Areas of Use
• Residential and Commercial coloured floors
• Precast and Paving applications
• Driveways, Paths, Patios and Pool surroundings
• Concrete roads, islands and traffic circles
• Masonry mortar and Plasterer mixes
• Skate parks

• Ease of dosage in batching systems
• No fading and UV Stable
• Packages in 20,10,5,2 and 1kg bags, no weighing out.
• 100% pigment, no added water
• Pigments manufactured to European standard EN12878
and American Standard ASTM C979-82
• Unparalleled technical support and customer service
• Stock in Auckland, New Plymouth and Christchurch


Available in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg for all colours.

Black: (except carbon black) also available in 2kg and 20kg bags.


Specifying Recommendations
When specifying a colour simply identify your required concrete strength (MPa), select a colour from the Permacolour Colourmix colour card and all colours shown are based on grey cement. For further information please refer to Permacolour’s specifier's guide.

Permacolour Powdered Integral Colour is a premium grade oxide supplied in high-quality, cold water “aquasac” bags with an outer protective bag. The outer bag may be paper or plastic and must be completely removed before placing the water-soluble bag into the mixer bowl. This should be done prior to the addition of aggregates, cement and final water. If there is a need to add the colour on site, the colour should be mixed for 10 minutes at high speed and the same exact time for each load.
The bags are available in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg for all colours with some of the blacks (except carbon blacks) also available in 2kg and 20kg bags. There is no need for any weighing at all with this range of different-sized bags. This eliminates the mess that usually occurs when
working with oxides. There is very little waste, no buckets, that some systems have, and the paper bag is biodegradable.

Under each coloured chip on the colour card, the name of that colour is on the left and to the right is the colour with the dose per cubic metre that makes up this colour. The colours have been matched to that of a standard 20mpa concrete mix with a cement content of 265kg. The colours have been shown with dose rates of 5, 10 and 15 kg per m3. This has been done for the ease in calculating the oxide for truck loadings. A cement variance in the concrete mix of up to 4% will not change the colour noticeably to the colour on the card. Consistent colour is more important, which is only achieved by using the same sand, cement, aggregates, water-content and mixing time for the colour. Concrete that has a textured finish such as broomed, rolled, sponged etc, is best left for a period of at least 10 -14 days to cure before sealing. When ready, the surface needs to be acid
washed to remove efflorescence then left to dry for at least 24 hours. In cold weather conditions, it is best to leave longer. Never seal the same day the surface has been washed even if the concrete looks dry as there is still moister evaporating from the concrete. When dry, apply two coats of Permacolour Concrete Sealer and keep foot traffic off for a minimum of 48 hours and vehicle traffic off for a minimum of 4 days. It is recommended that an anti-slip is used on sealed surfaces, even if the concrete has been textured. This can be in the form of an anti-slip that is added to the sealer or glass grit that is applied to the surface of the first coat of sealer.

In hot weather conditions, Permacolour Same Day Sealer can be applied to the concrete surface, as long as the concrete is textured. This should be done within the first 10 hours of the concrete being finished and then sealed with Permacolour Concrete Sealer after 10-14 days. Permacolour Same Day Sealer is best applied with a sprayer at a rate of 4m² per litre.



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