Crystal Seal


Permacolour Crystal Seal is a ready-for-use (simply add water) cement-based waterproofing slurry. It consists of a blend of cement, graded quartz and active chemical constituents. It is supplied as a fine, grey powder. The material waterproofs sound concrete or a cement surface against dampness, groundwater and hydrostatic pressure.


5kg, 20kg bags



Permacolour Crystal Seal is an economical, easily applied method of providing a permanent waterproof barrier on concrete, cement, plaster and cement brick surfaces. It may be used on both new and existing structures on either the wet or the dry side.


• Foundations

• Basements

• Tunnels

• Supporting Walls

• Dams

• Ponds

• Pools

• Silos

• Sewage Plants

• Underground Structures


Permacolour Crystal Seal acts by the conversion of the free lime in the concrete to insoluble calcium compounds. These seal against capillary ingress of water into the dry slurry film. Water soluble materials in the slurry penetrate the substrate surface where they in turn crystallize and continue to react in the presence of moisture. Permacolour Crystal Seal must not be exposed to backwater pressure, running water or rain until it has fully set. The treated surface must be protected from heat and wind and drying should be as slow as possible.


Since the crystal seal system is based on a chemical reaction taking place inside the concrete, some moisture penetration can be expected until voids are sealed by the crystallization process.


Permacolour Crystal Seal is designed for use on porous, absorbent surfaces. Highly porous surfaces such as common bricks should be plaster rendered before waterproofing. All surfaces must be clean and sound. They must be free of laitance, formwork release agent, dust, loose particles and any other foreign matter including funnel growth. Large cracks and honeycombing should be given a thin coating of Permacolour Crystal Seal mixed as described below. They should then be filled with 3:1 sand/cement mortar prior to applying the overall Permacolour Crystal Seal treatment. A fillet should be formed using Permacolour Crystal Seal in a slightly stiffer version in all floor/wall joints prior to applying the Permacolour Crystal Seal in a specified manner.


Permacolour Crystal Seal only needs the addition of water to be ready for use. Mix Permacolour Crystal Seal with water to produce a viscous, creamy consistency (1 part clean water to approximately 2.5 parts Permacolour Crystal Seal). Mixing may be done by hand or mechanical mixer and should be continued until a homogeneous, lump-free product results. In manual mixing, lumps may be broken down with the gloved hand. On completion of mixing, the material must be used within 30 minutes.


Never attempt to reconstitute by further dilution of mixed material that has become too stiff to apply.


Any surface to be treated with Permacolour Crystal Seal must be fully saturated beforehand, preferably the day before. Surfaces such as floors must be free of ponded water and verticals must be free of water running down the face. Apply Permacolour Crystal Seal by hand using either a medium-hard block brush or a notched trowel. Treatment must be applied in two or three coats as indicated below. A second coat must be applied as soon as the first coat can no longer be disturbed by brushing. If a third coat is required it must follow within 24 hours, with the surface having again been pre-dampened.

On a horizontal surface, Permacolour Crystal Seal is normally applied by brush, although the second coat may be notched trowel.


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