Permacolour Polyaspartics is the next generation in two component, fast drying, Aliphatic Polyurea. While other Polyaspartics can only be applied between 200 and 260 microns, Permacolour Polyaspartic can be applied in a single coat up to 760 microns. It features good abrasion and chemical resistance, and a cure time of four to six hours. It can be installed in extremely high or low temperatures. It is the ideal product when low odor, fast turnaround, and a non-yellowing system are essential.



Colour Enhancement



2 Gallon kit

10 Gallon kit



Before coating is applied, concrete must be:

▪No wet areas

▪Contaminants removed

▪Surface etched

▪All cracks and spalled areas repaired

Mechanical preparation is the preferred method of preparing concrete for coating application. Shot-blasting, diamond grinding, scarifying and scabbling are all acceptable methods.


Contact a Permacolour technical representative for advise on an appropriate patch repair..


All surfaces are not the same. It is recommended that a sample area be done before the start of the project. The test should be done on-site, using the proposed method by the assigned applicator to insure proper adhesion and colour. A sample area should also be done on any existing coatings to determine if any contaminants exist or if delaminating will occur.


The ratio of Polyaspartic 85 is 1 to 1. 1 part A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener). Generally, one mixed gallon is ideal for application. Mix the following with a stir stick. Note: If using a drill mixer, use a low speed to prevent air entrapment.

1. Pour out 1/2 gallon of Part A into a clean bucket.

2. Add 1/2 gallon of Part B and mix for 2 minutes.

**Do not store product in direct sunlight


While in an un-reacted state, may be cleaned up with water and degreaser. Isopropyl alcohol or acetone may be needed once the resin begins hardening. Lastly, a strong solvent like methylene chloride may be required if resin is nearly set up.



18.6m2/Gal 5m2/Ltr @ 204 microns


Technical Data Sheet


Some of the Tools Required.